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The Sales Aptitude Test ensures you are hiring sales people who have the very best chance of success. This video explains why our Sales Aptitude Test offers the best sales testing service at the lowest cost and why you should use our Sales Aptitude Test when hiring sales people. Results of our Sales Aptitude Test are accurate, concise and clear and we customize our system to your criteria. Best of all our Sales Aptitude Test is so economical you can afford to use it very early in the hiring process so you'll save valuable face time by interviewing only those with the highest sales potential. has offered our Sales Aptitude Test for over 30 years so you also benefit from our experience.

Why Choose Our Sales Aptitude Test? Because you get the very best sales testing service at the lowest cost. Because our 30+ years of success and 97% re-order rate is proof our sales aptitude test works. Because our sales aptitude test is over 90% accurate and highly predictive of success. Because when you need assistance our legendary customer support is available to help you.

Customized to your Criteria

We create target profiles (benchmarks) based on your unique criteria. Suitability Ratings based on your benchmarks are highly predictive of success.

Extremely Accurate

The sales aptitude test is over 90% accurate. You can be confident in the knowledge that it accurately identifies and measures the factors required for success.


We charge a fraction of what you would pay for a comparable sales testing service.

Instant Results

Sales aptitude test results are available immediately via the internet at our secure client website. They may be printed, emailed or viewed again in the future.

Understandable Reports

Sales aptitude test reports are thorough but concise to provide a clear picture of the applicant. A quick look gives you the necessities but the details are there if required.

Sales Specific

We measure closing, prospecting and many other specific sales aptitude factors including pre-hire/post hire concerns, strengths, weaknesses and overall suitability.

Customer Support

We're readily available if you need help with our sales test. Our customer support is legendary. There are real humans answering the phone and replying to emails.

Convenient Sales Testing Process

Our sales aptitude test is non-threatening, fast and can be taken 24/7 anywhere in the world. Sales testing can be administered in a choice of 6 different languages.


Our system is completely flexible and highly scalable. We can set up access to match exactly which managers may view sales test results and for which roles.

Unique Approach

Our web based sales aptitude test and very low cost enables you to administer our sales test much earlier in the hiring cycle. You'll only have to interview applicants that fit your criteria and will save your valuable time.