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Why Us? Because you get a better service at a lower cost! Today, we do more sales testing than any other company in North America. Our sole business over the last 25+ years has been testing. This experience and focus, which transcends the internet age, uniquely qualifies us to create and offer a sales testing service that combines all the best features into one service.

Customized to your criteria
We create target profiles (benchmarks) based on your unique criteria.

Understandable Reports
Reports are thorough but concise to provide a clear picture of the applicant.

Sales Specific
We measure closing, prospecting and many other specific sales profile factors.

Accurate is over 90% accurate.

Convenient Testing Process
Test is non-threatening, fast and can be taken 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Instant Results
You can view applicant test results (sales profiles) immediately via the internet.

Customer Support
We're available if you need help. Our customer support is legendary.

We charge a fraction of what you would pay for a comparable service.

Unique Approach
Web access and low cost enables you to test applicants earlier in the hiring cycle. You'll only have to interview applicants that fit your criteria.

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Getting started is easy
Never be Fooled Again!
Why Test? Interviews are only one part of the puzzle
"For over five years, it's been an important component of our recruiting process and we depend upon it to help us save time and avoid costly hiring mistakes."
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