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Our online test reduces the chance of hiring the wrong person. This saves you money. Since our sales aptitude tests mean you will be hiring more winners you generate higher sales and profits, save valuable time, reduce hiring and training costs, minimize turnover and improve day-to-day management, thus unleashing the untapped potential in your sales people.
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All sales jobs are unique. This is why a sales person can be a great success in one job and a miserable failure in another. Some jobs need assertive and independent types, others need helpful, service-oriented types. Some need a strong technical orientation while others are more consultative. Some have long-selling cycles, while others are shorter. The key to a successful and productive sales force is to correctly match the person to the, our online test for sales, guarantees a perfect match.
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Currently over 1000 companies use our online tests with a 97% re-order rate. Our online personality tests work. Sign up today and you can administer our sales aptitude tests online immediately-anytime and anywhere in the world. Ensure you are hiring the right sales person. Our online test means you only hire the winners. Our sales aptitude tests match the person to the job every time.
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Why Test? Interviews are only one part of the puzzle
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