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If you've ever hired a sales person who interviewed well but couldn't sell you've learned that product knowledge, skills and education are poor measures of sales potential. The very best predictor of sales success is personality, motivational style and job fit. These areas are extremely hard to read because applicants often ‘play the role’ to get hired. Our sales personality test cuts through this ‘role’ and uncovers the real person — before you hire them! Armed with the results of our sales personality test you will never be fooled again!

Video Description
The SalesTestOnline.com Sales Personality Test takes the guesswork out of hiring sales people so you will never be fooled again. If you use our Sales Personality Test you will accurately identify the candidate's true sales personality traits and hire more successful sales people because they have the most sales potential. This short video about what we do explains the reason you should use our Sales Personality Test is because sales candidates play roles during interviews to make it appear as though they have the type of sales personality that you are looking for. This is why even very experienced interviewers can be fooled.
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Testing Process

Direct applicant to online sales test. You receive email notification. Log in to view sales test results.

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Sales roles differ. Our service includes a thorough analysis of the role and the creation of your unique Target Profiles against which applicants are compared.

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Our goal is to make your job easier. Our sales test results are comprehensive yet concise and to the point. You will have a crystal clear picture so you can make the best hiring decisions.

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Some Words from Our Clients

I would never even think about hiring a sales person without using their sales personality test. The time and money we have saved by avoiding hiring failures is almost impossible to measure, but I know it is huge. I highly recommend SalesTestOnline.

Rob Miller
Rob Miller
Clever Waste Systems Inc.
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